Saturday, April 8, 2017

April 8, 2017

     This week back from spring break has been packed with activities! Before break, we visited Fort Vancouver on a cold day in March. The experience brought to life what we have been learning about in such a fun way! Here are some photos..

          This week we have been exploring sound waves with a couple of experiments. The 4th graders showed collaboration, perseverance, creativity and problem solving throughout the whole process. 

     The National Park research papers are coming along nicely. Some 4th graders are done and many are working on their closing paragraph. Please take a moment over this weekend if you can to read and edit your 4th graders paper. Final papers are due next Friday. I am so proud of this group's effort.

     We have moved into geometry during our math time and it seems to be going very well. Next week, we will be looking closely at triangles and quadrilaterals. We will end the year with studies into fractions and measurement. 
     The 4th graders are reading Bound for Oregon in book groups as we prepare for our Oregon Trail overnight coming up in a couple of weeks. Please send in your little jar sometime this week. We currently have 14 and need 30 so if you have an extra please send it in. The jar needs to be small, like a mustard jar, baby food jar or the smallest Ball jar. Thanks. 

     This coming week, we enter Holy week. There are many school-wide celebrations planned as well as many ways for your family to participate in liturgies here at The Madeleine. The 4th graders have been reviewing the Triduum during our religion time and the many liturgical services coming up. 

     I will be writing again with more information about the Oregon Trail as we get closer. I think we are all getting excited about our trip! Let me know if you have any questions. 

Happy Spring, 

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