Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Week in Fourth Grade in October

     This week in religion we wrote to Father Tim Furlow who was a deacon here at the Madeleine to thank him for serving at The Madeleine. It was for Priesthood Sunday. We also memorized Hail Holy Queen because October is the month of Mary. This week we practiced our spelling words at Spelling City on our iPads. We can even practice at home here. There are fun games to practice on like unscramble the words. We all nailed the test!
By Clare

     On Wednesday Mrs. Ullman visited and  we talked about Brain Talk. Our class reviewed Buster Bams and the Myg. Soon we'll be learning about the hippocampus. I look forward to it! Mr. and Mrs. Boots came into fourth grade with an auction project for the class. First we paint our quote about reading and then we shade the paint. After that, you sprinkle salt on your paper. I wonder who will buy it? On the iPads, our class shared our thoughts about character traits of Peter and Pax from the book we are reading. There are some pretty good descriptions like brave, determined and courageous. We connected with fourth graders in Chicago! You can see it here. This week in science, the Fourth Graders made a Google Slide deck for each kind of erosion; wind, gravity, water and glacier. Weathering breaks down rocks and erosion carries it away. On Friday, we went to the science lab to test erosion. 
by Noah

Planning erosion lab

Planning erosion lab

Creating Google Slide
Creating Google Slide

Glacier erosion lab

Gravity erosion lab

Water erosion lab 
Glacier erosion lab
Wind erosion lab video
Wind erosion lab

            Conferences are coming up this week in Fourth Grade. You should get a reminder email. Please let me know if you did not get one and I can confirm your conference time. Also coming up is our Halloween party on Monday, October 31st. Be on the look out for information from our fabulous room parents!



Friday, October 14, 2016

A Week in Fourth Grade

     This week in religion we drew a portrait of our Mother Mary. It took us a while to do them. It needed a lot of hard work and our class was ready. We looked up pictures on the iPads and drew. The 4th and 5th graders are singing together for the Christmas CD The Madeleine School is making and on Wednesday our class went to the church and sang 3 songs. When our class heard a beat, we could sing it right away! This week we also learned the Lord's Prayer in sign language. We got with a partner and made up signs for the whole Glory Be prayer and shared with the class.
     In math, we did a mid-chapter test, we have been studying really hard. The real test is next Tuesday. We worked on the commutative, associative and identity properties of addition. I hope you liked what we did this week...but what about next week?!
by Ana

Glory be to the father...

Quizzing on Properties of Addition

Quizzing on Properties of Addition
  On Wednesday, we did a Mystery Skype with a class in Hammond, Indiana. We guessed where they lived by asking yes or no questions. All the fourth grade classes we are Skyping with are reading Pax by Sara Pennypacker, a book we are also reading. Our class has also been writing our Native American narrative stories. We are the main character and the main character is a child. All of us have been doing tons of research on the iPads, like the tribe culture, food, clothing and legends. Our class had a fantastic week! Hope you had done too!
By Maddy
Mystery Skype
Asking a question
Using Google Maps to advise questions
Discussing Native American names
Writing rough draft with research notes
Designing book cover
Designing book cover
Warming up before singing
     The Fourth Grade class brought in 195 St. Stephens lunches this past Tuesday! Thank you for your support of this worthwhile ministry. I hope you have had a chance to look over the guidelines for our first book report due on Wednesday, November 2nd. There is a guide to the written part in the packet. This is a big project and should be worked on over the next couple of weeks. I suggested to the Fourth Graders that they spend some extra time reading their mystery novel this long weekend. 
     As Ana mentioned above, Chapter 2 test in math will be Tuesday. There will also be a religion test on Chapter 4 on Tuesday so look for the religion work book to come home on Monday to study. 
     Stay safe this weekend through the storm!

God Bless, 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Week in Fourth Grade

     We had a fantastic time this week. First we had a Friendship Family Picnic. We all had treats and sandwiches. Afterward, we played on the field. On Tuesday, we started building our cardboard arcade games. We continued to build on Thursday. Finally, we researched the nine Native American tribes of Oregon. We are going to write a story about the tribes in first person.
By Jonah

     This week we did a Mystery Skype. This is how it works: we Skype a class in the country or the world and try to figure out where they are. We ask yes or no questions. On Monday, the class was from Chicago and on Friday, the class was from Ontario, Canada. It was so much fun! This week we learned about landslides and finished our study of the birth of rocks. It was spectacular! On Thursday, we finished The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. It was a really good book. Blessing of the pets was on Thursday. People brought in their pets and Deacon Mike blessed them. 
By Beau

     We continue to review in Math, and will move to multiplication and long division soon. As Beau mentioned we finished our studies on the Birth of Rocks and will be moving onto landforms next. 

     This coming week, the Fourth Graders will start their first weekly spelling test. The spelling list will be written in the student planner on Monday. We will begin with a pre-test on Monday to give each student a clue as to which words they should study. They will put a star by that word in their planner. Test will be given on Fridays. The week the test will be on Thursday as we have no school Friday. 

Calendar Reminders

  • Mystery book for book report project due Monday. Bring book in to be checked! Information packet coming home Monday.
  • Fourth grade is in charge of St. Stephens lunches this Tuesday! Please pack an extra lunch or two. 
  • No school Friday, October 14th for Teacher In-Service
Keep selling raffle tickets. We are close to winning a classroom party!


Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 2nd, 2016

     This week was really eventful! On Monday, when we went up to assembly, Nate's mom came to talk to us about the auction. We all thought it was funny when she came in riding a bull! Remember to sell your raffle tickets! This week we also finished reading Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo. On Friday, we had a Winn-Dixie party and watched the movie. Finally Mrs. Ullman visited our classroom and continued our study about the brain. We reviewed stuff like a Mig moment, Buster bams and what our brain seeks and avoids. I wonder what we will do next week!
By James

One thing we do in Fourth Grade is science experiments! We did one called Will a Mountain Last Forever?  In this experiment, we shook sugar cubes to see what happens when rocks roll down from the top of a mountain. Another thing we did this week is write ways to say the Ten Commandments in a positive way. We recently did our first math test. In it was expanded form, greater than and less than and rounding. 
By Tate

          This was another packed week in Fourth Grade! We continued our study of the Birth of Rocks in Science this week . In Social Studies, we have begun to look at the 9 federally recognized tribes of Oregon. This week the Fourth Graders will be researching and writing about a tribe in Google Classroom. The students watched Caine's Arcade this week and the class will be participating in the Cardboard Challenge. I hope you saw the sheet in Friday Folder explaining more about the process. All building will be done in school with the products being presented to the students at recess on Friday! 

     This Thursday, October 6th The Madeleine School will be celebrating St. Francis of Assisi with our annual Blessing of the Animals at 3:00. Please meet us at the circular driveway near the entrance to the Parish Hall with your pet. Students are encouraged to bring in a photo of your pet if your pet can't make the blessing. 

     Tomorrow is our Friendship Family picnic, rain or shine! Please pack a sandwich plus 6 servings of cookies/chips to share. Thanks!

    Heads up~ The Fourth Graders will be reading a Mystery Book for their October book report. The books need to be shown to me by next Monday, October 10th. We will look here in our classroom library and the school library as well. I expect students to choose a book they haven't read before and that is some challenge to them. The report will be due on Wednesday, November 2nd. We will go over the guideline in class this week and they will go home soon. 

God Bless, 


June 4th, 2018

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