Saturday, December 3, 2016

December in Fourth Grade

     This week we had so much fun! Our church is in the season of Advent and we got to make this cool tree. We made the tree with real pine then we decorated the tree with paper ornaments. On the ornaments, we wrote our Advent good deeds on one side and then decorated the other side with dots and line. They turned out great. We also had Thoughtful Thursday were we wrote a nice and loving note to a person in our class. We had Reconciliation on Thursday. We went to the Fireside room with the 3rd graders with Deacon Mike to learn about life choices on Wednesday to get ready for Reconciliation. Two 8th graders came to role play how to go to Reconciliation. We got to make life packs and light a candle after Reconciliation in the back of the church. This was a great week!
By Katie

     This week was amazing. In science, we learned about how fingers move with muscles, tendon, bones and joints. We learned that the thumb is not a finger. We tried to do all sorts of things without thumbs like opening a jar, buttoning a button, and tying a shoe lace. In Social Studies, we learned how Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon, the leader of France. After Jefferson purchased the new land, he sent Lewis and Clark to explore it and find a waterway to the Pacific ocean. This expedition is know as the Corps of Discovery. We played a game trying to figure out which states were in the Louisiana Purchase. This week was the best week this year. 
By Graham

     There are so many events coming up these last weeks of 2016! Get your calendar ready to add these important dates!

December 5-14th ~ The student council has organized our Christmas service project for the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, We are collecting travel size shampoos and soaps (easier to distribute), razors, socks, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and deodorant. Boxes are by the school front door. 

December 5th- 16th ~ Scarf Drive for the homeless. Please bring in a warm scarf, new or used to the school or church. 

December 6th ~ Bring in $2 for Free Dress to provide books for the Children's Book Bank

December 8th ~ Madeleine Market place and Tree Lighting 

December 9th ~ Report cards go home. One trimester down!

December 12th ~ Friendship Family Present Pass. Bring a gift wrapped $1-5 for a boy or a girl for this annual event. 

December 15th ~ Madeleine School Musical/CD release party  7pm

December 16th ~ 4th Grade Christmas Party 2:15~ Please join us!

     Wow! This is a busy time! In 4th grade we are taking time to slow down and prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus this Christmas with mindful advent prayers each day. This season is full of anticipation and hope. I wonder if the forecast is right about the snow! It sure would be beautiful!

God Bless, 

Monday, November 21, 2016


     Hello parents of the Fourth Grade. I'm Michael and I'm going to tell you about what we did last week in class. First we celebrated Noah and my birthdays with a dance party. Also we made a comic about the rock cycle and after that we had a math test. On Thursday, we led Mass and Gabe from the God Squad said the Homily. On Friday, we made place mats for the people who live in Laurelhurst Village. That is just some of the things we did this week. 
By Michael

     This was a very interesting and fun week. Mrs. Slavik came to visit on Monday and told us a story about the explorers. Then we picked our favorite explorer, wrote about them and made a character. We did a lot of research to see what our explorer did. Another thing we did was made a mannequin video. Everybody froze in a pose. It looked like time had stopped! Table names was another highlight. We came up with a Thanksgiving-like name for our table groups. Then, we decorated a poster with our table group name on it. On Friday, we went to see the 2nd graders do a Thanksgiving act. They sang songs and put on a small play. We had fun at school this week. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
By Carlyle

       I recommend each Fourth Grader work on practicing multiplication facts and  the book report over this break!       

      I am so thankful for this class of Fourth Graders! I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving. Here is our mannequin challenge video...Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The week of 11/7 ~ 11/10 :)

     This week we were very busy in the 4th grade classroom. We had a big service project called Mac N Cheese and Tuna Please! supporting St. Vincent de Paul. On November 10th, our Friendship Families got together and tried to build the tallest tower. This week we finally recorded the Christmas CD! The fourth grade sang The Little Drummer Boy and Mary's Little Boy Child. This week we also finished Pax the book the fourth grade class has been reading aloud. Fourth grade loved it! We learned about the first explorers who came to Oregon. The chapter was full of so much information about the explorers. This week was busy and fun!
By Isabel

     This week we played a math game like math bingo. You have cards numbered 1-12 with a 4X4 grid filled with multiples. You draw 2 cards each turn and multiply the numbers. If the product is on your board you cover it. We read a story about Stormy a big baby that was found in Cape Cod after a tidal wave during literacy time. We learned about a tall tale. November is a very sad month. We remember all the people who have gone to live with God. 
By Zoe

     First, I want to thank all the auction chairs and all of you fourth grade parents for your amazing work last Saturday night! What a success; not just as a fundraiser for our school but as a community building event. It is not hard to see why this Fourth Grade class of students are so special when they have such wonderful parents. Secondly, thank you for supporting our food drive this week. As Isabel mentioned above, the building activity was fun! This coming Thursday, November 17th at 2:00, our fourth grade class will be leading Mass. I hope you can join us. 

     Keep working on multiplication facts nightly. Students can use flash cards, apps, or they could make their own! The fourth graders need to know the facts quickly and accurately. 

     Reminder that The Madeleine School will be closed for Thanksgiving week as we teachers work on our accreditation writing. 

Jenn Langhus

Saturday, November 5, 2016

This Week in Fourth Grade

     This week we did a lot of fun activities. We turned in our book reports and spent some time trying to figure out the puzzles, reading and commenting on each others. Also on Tuesday, we switched table groups and Mrs. Langhus read us another chapter in Pax. In Pax, Peter, one of the main characters, acted out the story of Sinbad. Peter switched up and made a story about Vola. In math, we are reviewing multiplication and division. Mrs. Langhus come up with some fun ways to learn math. We went to the church to practice for the Christmas CD. Next week we will record.  This week was so fun and I hope next week is the same!
By Tessa

     This week we started off with Halloween. We did Halloween math sheets and a Halloween play. Finally we had a Halloween party where we wrapped each other with toilet paper and played bingo. It was so fun! In science, we learned about 3 kinds of rocks and the rock cycle. They are igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. On Thursday, we used Starbursts as rocks and mashed them together, put pressure on them and melted them. We created rocks! Finally, we studied for our first Social Studies test all week. We also learned what white people did when they came to Oregon. To finish the week, we had a Social Studies test and visited the Science lab with Ms. Yuhas. The most exciting news is that we won the raffle party!
By Dom

       Thanks again for attending the conferences last week. I feel like we are off to an amazing start and this year is already going by so quickly. I am so looking forward to watching each fourth graders growth and learning this year. This is a curious bunch of students!

     Next week, The Madeleine student government has organized a service project for St. Vincent de Paul and are asking all students to bring in Mac N Cheese and Tuna Please! At the end of the week, we will be coming together to build structures with the cans and boxes...sounds fun!

     You will find this month's book report information in today's Friday Folder. The students will be focused on a character study. I have included a suggested timeline for the fourth graders to use to guide them. We chatted a bit about the report in class. Let me know if I can help with book choice. 

    As Tessa mentioned above, the students will be recording for the Christmas CD this coming week. Next Sunday, November 13th, after the 10 am Mass, students and their families, parishioners and teachers are invited to sing for the CD together. Should be a festive event!



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