Monday, January 8, 2018

January, 7th, 2018

     It was a busy week in the 4th grade classroom this past week. Our religion focus is Jesus, the image of God. The students created lovely portraits of Jesus. Our studies deal with the two great mysteries of our faith: the Incarnation (to become flesh) and the Pascal Mystery (Jesus' Passion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension).  Jesus is both truly human and truly divine. When we look at Jesus, we see God the Father as well as ourselves. We are called to follow Jesus by reflecting his words and actions in our own. Later this week, our religion focus will turn to Baptism. 

          The 4th graders are moving into more complex multiplication. The students work together to solve problems in the math book, discussing strategies and helping each other work. It is wonderful to hear the math talk going on during this time. Please continue to practice math facts. It is more important than ever to have those down accurately. 

     Lewis and Clark's epic journey with the Corps of Discovery continues to be our focus in Social Studies. Each student has researched and presented about one of the people who made up the group. Next, we will be learning about our state government to prepare for our  field trip to the State Capitol scheduled for February 22nd. 

     It is good to be back together after the break. The students are learning how to write a 5 paragraph essay stating his/her New Year's resolutions. This process will be used countless times over the academic years. We are taking our time and focusing on each step. Later this spring, the students will be writing an essay on a National Park of their choosing. I am enjoying the students and their maturing points of view. They are growing in their ability to discuss ideas and share opinions. I love spending my days with your children!

God Bless,

Monday, January 1, 2018

January 1st, 2018

Happy New Year!

     I hope you all have had a relaxing and happy holiday break. My family and I had a great time in Sun Valley, Idaho despite the fact that there was no snow on the ground. I am excited to see the 4th graders tomorrow and get started with a new year, 2018!
     December in 4th grade was all about leading our school in prayer. The students worked very hard planning the Monday morning prayer services and the all school Mass. Sister Cathie came by and helped some of the groups plan. For the Mass, the 4th graders broke out into groups and after careful study of the First Reading from Isaiah, created iMovie trailers. I will be posting them on the class blog this week so look for an email announcement. 

On Friday morning before break, the 4th graders traveled down to 1st grade to read with and to the 1st graders. It was so much fun! Our class was asked by the St Vincent de Paul volunteers if we would package up the candy for the children of families in need over the holidays. Mrs. Stephens and Ms. Savery helped make that happen. It felt good to do a little work for those in need. 

Thank you to our fabulous room moms, Joss, Julie and Elizabeth for the super fun Christmas party on the last day before break. Check out the photos.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

November 11, 2017

Our routine each day is coming together for Morning Meeting.
     November has us deep in our studies in 4th Grade! The students are in a good routine and we are going to make the best of the days of school we have in November. It seems we have a lot of days off! We continue to forge ahead in our study of the history of Oregon building on the knowledge gained from studying the Native Americans of Oregon to learning about the first explorers to come to our state. Our class was very lucky last week to welcome Mrs. Slavik back to the 4th grade classroom to share her knowledge of the early sea explorers this past week. Each 4th grader has chosen an explorer to research and write a biography paragraph about this coming week.  
Native American Narrative writing
Peer review of Native American Narrative

Peer review of Native American Narrative
Peer review of Native American Narrative

Mrs. Slavik visits 4th grade!

      The Global Read Aloud 2017 is officially over and we will wrap up the book The Wild Robot early this coming week. It was a great experience to connect with so many classrooms around the US in so many ways! We were able to meet 4th graders from Indiana, Illinois and New York via Google Hangout and Skype. We used the website Kahoot! to play a comprehension game with 2 classes and asked questions back and forth with the other. Our class also participated in a post card exchange across the country. Each week we checked in with the student teachers from University of South Dakota to do a comprehension assignment and share ideas about the book. Finally, we worked on a Padlet using adjectives to describe our favorite character from The Wild Robot. This experience is so valuable in showing the students how alike they are to other 4th graders around the country. 
Students use Google Earth to guide questions during Mystery Skype.

Students record questions and answers to guide new questions. 

Students take turns introducing themselves and asking questions. 
      In science this fall, the 4th grader have focused on Earth science and the process of how the Earth is formed through the lens of studying the rock cycle. The class has spent many weeks learning about the breaking down and making of rocks,including an in-depth study of a volcano of their choice. The students have observed and noted the changes Earth's landscapes make over time through erosion and weathering. This week, the 4th graders experimented with how sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks are formed. What better way than with starbursts?! We will continue to study our Earth by looking at the impact of the Earth's natural process on humans and generate ideas for solutions. 

     The Halloween Party was loads of fun packed with spooky activities. Thank you so much to our room parents Joss, Julie and Elizabeth who made it happen! 

January, 7th, 2018

      It was a busy week in the 4th grade classroom this past week. Our religion focus is Jesus, the image of God. The students created ...