Sunday, January 13, 2019

January 14, 2019

January is a time to set goals and get things done. As you can see from the goals made by your Fourth Grader, we are off and running this new year. We had a busy re-entry to school from Christmas break with leading Mass last week and starting new concepts in most subjects. We are deep into division in math. I appreciate your dedication to working with your 4th grader at home on some of these more difficult concepts. It is so powerful for your 4th grader to see you model working through math concepts. This is an opportunity to show grit~ how to stick with it, take your time, make mistakes and most importantly when to take a break when frustrated.

In Science, we ended 2018 learning about the human body as a machine. The students explored how muscles bulge and explored how our senses work. Starting the new year, we are focusing on how sound is an actual thing and that sound waves are vibrations traveling through the air. Science continues to be the most fun when students can experiment with concepts and see them in action!

The 4th graders lead the all school Mass this last Thursday. The students study the readings by reading them in pairs and discussing what the word of God is trying to tell us. This work leads to a theme for the Mass and helps direct the prayers of the faithful. Our next Mass will be on February 14th and the students have already decided to make a movie for this next Mass. Mark your calendar and join us!

In Social Studies, the 4th graders will be focusing on the expedition of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery the next couple of weeks. Each student chose a member of the Corps to do research on and present his contribution to the team. This is always an interesting unit for the students so be sure to ask about what's going on with the Corps of Discovery in class.

That's the latest from the 4th grade classroom!
God Bless,
Jenn Langhus 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

November 21, 2018


     The 4th graders have been focused on gratitude and being thankful. Our Monday morning prayer service preparation gave the students the opportunity to look deeply at his/her blessings. I love Thanksgiving for it's calm focus on family and home. I count you all as blessings in my life! Some of the 4th graders reflected on what has been going on in the classroom and have contributed a writing piece to the blog. Check out these bloggers...

Morning Meeting
     Morning meeting helps us to grow closer to friends. Also it lets us share about our every day lives and exciting news with others. We get to hear what we are going to learn about in our day. Another thing we get to do is learn about the saints and how they dedicated their lives to God, Jesus and Mary. We enjoy getting creative handshakes from the Meeting Manager who passes the hand shake around the carpet. We enjoy Morning Meeting for these reasons. 
     by Elie and Rose

Social Studies
     In class, we have Social Studies every day. We are learning the history of our state, Oregon. The project we just finished was reading a novel about Native Americans life and traditions. It is important to learn about Native Americans because their history is interesting. We use a book called Oregonized to help us find facts. We just started learning about the first explorers who came to Oregon by boat. Social Studies is one of our classes favorite subjects. 
     by Mila and Emma A.

     Recently in religion, we have been learning about the Ten Commandments. The first three Commandments are about how to follow and respect God. The last seven are about how to respect others. We also learned how important it is to forgive whatever the person has done to you. Now we know how important respect is. 
    by Charles and Liam
These photos are from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy all you have planned for this for this weekend. I wish you safe travels and happy family times. Thank you for sharing your lovely children with me!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

October 5th, 2018

 This week the students chose a Native American tribe to write a personal narrative as a child of the tribe. Each student worked on writing a beginning to the narrative starting with a hook (interesting first sentence to draw the reader in) and using character description, setting description and laying the foundation for the story. I am amazed by the enthusiasm and interest in researching all aspects of life as a Native American in Oregon. Included in the Friday Folder this weekend is the field trip form for our trip to the Portland Art Museum at the end of this month. We will be touring the art collection of the Native people of Oregon lead by a docent. Please let me you can chaperone and drive.
Researching together

Sharing information

Choosing the best work space
Learning together

In preparation to write the personal narrative, the students have been reading many mentor texts to see how great writers write. As a class, we are reading Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo. Students are listening to me read and reading silently using comprehension strategies to wonder, connect and ask questions. Then they meet in small book club groups to discuss questions each has written on post-it notes. As I walk around to the groups, I hear deep, thoughtful questions and rich discussions.


The Fourth Graders have started this years science studies focusing on Earth's Place in the Universe by first studying the Rock Cycle. Together, we have created a poster explaining the complex process of the creation and breaking down of rocks, visited the science lab and experimented with the concepts of weathering, erosion and rock formation. This next week we will be wrapping up the Rock Cycle study with a final project of creating a comic strip demonstrating detailed knowledge of the Rock Cycle.
Volcano lava lab

How do mountains break down? lab

Recording observations

Sedimentary Rock
Applying pressure to create Sedimentary Rock

Pressure and heat create Metamorphic Rocks

Creating magma
Recording observations

Ms. Yuhas helps create Igneous Rocks

Cooled magma creates Igneous Rocks.

Tuesday this week was day one of the Cardboard Challenge. The Fourth Graders worked in groups in the Library to create arcade games. It was so much fun! Mrs. Chambers and I witnessed the engineering process in real time. Students were trying out ideas, encountering challenges, discussing solutions and then trying something new. The Fourth Graders created a Flipgrid video reflecting on the challenges his/her group faced on Day One of building. Please take a moment to look at the Flipgrid with the login paper your Fourth Grader has in his/her planner. Each group made great progress and will have one more day to put finishing touches on the game. Wednesday morning recess will be the debut of arcade games to first K, 1 & 2, then to 3 & 5.

The entire Madeleine School gathered outside the Parish Hall on Thursday afternoon for the
Blessing of the Pets in honor of St. Francis of Assisi. It was a beautiful day filled with love for our
pets and chocolate chip cookies.


Jenn Langhus 

January 14, 2019

January is a time to set goals and get things done. As you can see from the goals made by your Fourth Grader, we are off and running ...