Saturday, December 3, 2016

December in Fourth Grade

     This week we had so much fun! Our church is in the season of Advent and we got to make this cool tree. We made the tree with real pine then we decorated the tree with paper ornaments. On the ornaments, we wrote our Advent good deeds on one side and then decorated the other side with dots and line. They turned out great. We also had Thoughtful Thursday were we wrote a nice and loving note to a person in our class. We had Reconciliation on Thursday. We went to the Fireside room with the 3rd graders with Deacon Mike to learn about life choices on Wednesday to get ready for Reconciliation. Two 8th graders came to role play how to go to Reconciliation. We got to make life packs and light a candle after Reconciliation in the back of the church. This was a great week!
By Katie

     This week was amazing. In science, we learned about how fingers move with muscles, tendon, bones and joints. We learned that the thumb is not a finger. We tried to do all sorts of things without thumbs like opening a jar, buttoning a button, and tying a shoe lace. In Social Studies, we learned how Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon, the leader of France. After Jefferson purchased the new land, he sent Lewis and Clark to explore it and find a waterway to the Pacific ocean. This expedition is know as the Corps of Discovery. We played a game trying to figure out which states were in the Louisiana Purchase. This week was the best week this year. 
By Graham

     There are so many events coming up these last weeks of 2016! Get your calendar ready to add these important dates!

December 5-14th ~ The student council has organized our Christmas service project for the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, We are collecting travel size shampoos and soaps (easier to distribute), razors, socks, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and deodorant. Boxes are by the school front door. 

December 5th- 16th ~ Scarf Drive for the homeless. Please bring in a warm scarf, new or used to the school or church. 

December 6th ~ Bring in $2 for Free Dress to provide books for the Children's Book Bank

December 8th ~ Madeleine Market place and Tree Lighting 

December 9th ~ Report cards go home. One trimester down!

December 12th ~ Friendship Family Present Pass. Bring a gift wrapped $1-5 for a boy or a girl for this annual event. 

December 15th ~ Madeleine School Musical/CD release party  7pm

December 16th ~ 4th Grade Christmas Party 2:15~ Please join us!

     Wow! This is a busy time! In 4th grade we are taking time to slow down and prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus this Christmas with mindful advent prayers each day. This season is full of anticipation and hope. I wonder if the forecast is right about the snow! It sure would be beautiful!

God Bless, 

June 4th, 2018

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