Sunday, February 19, 2017

February in Fourth

     This week in Fourth Grade we celebrated Valentine's Day. We made Valentine's boxes with Oregon as a theme. We had a very fun Valentine's Day party on Tuesday. We played many games such as cupids arrows and drawing pictures without seeing it. We all had lots of fun playing games and seeing each others Valentines boxes. 
By Jacob

     This week in Fourth Grade we made iMovie trailers for our book club books. There were 5 groups with 6 students in each. First to plan our trailers, we made a story board on paper. Then we could start filming! Some students brought props to make their movie better. Everyone had an amazing time!

By Finn  Wow! I am so impressed by the Fourth Graders dedication and creativity during this iMovie project. It is not easy working in a group and producing quality work. These students did just that!

    This week, the Fourth Graders will be selecting a National Park to write a research paper.   We will be doing most of the research and writing in class with minimal homework. Feel free to research, discuss and ask questions at home regarding your Fourth Graders park! I will be posting the assignment in Google Classrooms and will share the information with you this week. 

    Mark your calendars! I will be having a brief Oregon Trail Overnight meeting before Science Night (starts at 6:30 pm) on Thursday, March 9th at 6:00 pm. I will give you an overview of the trip along with the packet of information and forms to fill our for our trip on April 20-21st. If you are unable to make that date, information and forms will go home in Friday Folders. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

February in Fourth

     This Week's Activites

     This week we began working on research on fact about Oregon to create our Valentine Boxes. We used the iPads and had fun learning about the state mushroom and song! Then on Wednesday we had a religion test on the Beatitudes. Then on Thursday we had a special Mass that started with a peaceful walk around the school as we held signs and reflected on immigrants and refugees. We also had our book clubs this week. We are almost finished! I hope you enjoyed my review of the week!
by Felix

     We learned a lot this week. Learning about energy was amazing. We learned that there is energy in food. There is an actual truck powered by cheese! You can make energy with a rubber band. We made cars that when you twist a straw that is attached to a rubber band it collects energy to move. We raced our rubber band cars. To race, you had to try to make it to a place called "the sweet spot" in order to win. We had to try a lot of times. Energy is awesome! This week Mr. Grant had a guest from the city of Portland come speak to us about the importance to keep our water clean. She was great!
By Daphne

     The Fourth Graders are in charge of leading the school for our Monday Morning prayer service the rest of February. We are ready for tomorrow morning so join us if you can!
     I hope your Fourth Grader is having fun creating an Oregon themed Valentine Box! Please send in on Tuesday along with a Valentine for each member of the class. I sent home a class list on the back of the Valentine Box instructions for easy addressing of cards. This Tuesday will be a Free Dress fundraiser for Catholic Relief Services Refugee Resettlement so bring in $2 to wear pink, red, white or purple!
    Looking forward to another full week ahead!

God Bless, 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Catholic Schools Week

     This week we celebrated Catholic School's Week across the country and world. On Sunday, we celebrated the parish by wearing our uniforms to Mass and processing up the aisle with our grade banners. On Monday, it was Teacher Appreciation Day. The teachers got lots of warm gestures from students. Then on Tuesday, it was Student Appreciation Day. All the students go a treat at lunch and no homework. We had an ice cream social with the 5th graders at the end of the day. Community Appreciation Day was Wednesday. 4th grade wrote letters to the helpers at Maryville, the center for memory care and a home for elder people.  Unfortunately on Faith Appreciation Day, our 4th grade Mass was canceled for the 2nd time in a row due to winter weather! Finally it was Parent Appreciation Day on Friday. We want to always be thankful and loving to our parents for sending us to the Madeleine School. I think Catholic Schools Week was SO amazing!
by Jack

     On Wednesday, the 1st, we studied the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes are Jesus' teachings to live by. An example is: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. These are good teachings to know. On Thursday, Mrs. Ullman came in to talk to us the 3rd rule of bucket filing. The 3rd rule is using your lid. That means if someone says something mean to you, you should try to defend yourself. Remember, use your lid!  Also on Thursday, the 4th grade did some math with money (fake)! The coins were pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and half dollars. Next we did 3 math problems making change with coins. What a fun way to do math! Our book clubs continued as well.

by Noah


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